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At Coltrane Grubbs & Orenstein, we realize that legal issues affecting our clients’ families are some of the most sensitive and personal matters we have the privilege of handling.  Family law matters require vigorous and effective advocacy coupled with responsive and caring service to our clients.  We routinely represent clients with regard to a broad spectrum of family law issues including: adoption, absolute divorce, alimony and postseparation support, child custody and support, equitable distribution of marital assets, premarital and postnuptial agreements, separation and property settlement agreements, and termination of parental rights.

North Carolina Child Support Guidelines Child support generally is resolved by an application of the... Read More Here

Often, as part of the separation and divorce process, couples have to resolve issues related to post-separation support (PSS) and alimony.   Read More Here

When a marriage ends through separation and/or divorce, two of the primary issues the spouses have to deal with are custody of minor children and dividing marital property and responsibility for marital debts. But what about beloved family pets? For many of us our dogs, cats,... Read More Here

Many of our clients have heard or understand that they must be separated for one year before they can obtain a divorce (if not, see our previous post here). ... Read More Here

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive from our family law clients is "When am I legally separated?"  In North Carolina there are two requirements for a married couple to become separated:  Read More Here

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