Disputes happen.

Coltrane Grubbs & Orenstein handles a wide variety of complex litigation matters in courts throughout the State of North Carolina. Importantly, our experience in negotiation, mediation, and arbitration enables us to offer advice to clients designed to avoid or minimize litigation exposure.

Like our entire firm, our litigation practice is client-focused. We strive to establish a personal relationship with each client and develop a litigation plan with a view not only toward obtaining the best possible outcome, but doing so in a pragmatic, cost-effective manner that promotes the client’s objectives. If you are dealing with a legal dispute, but don’t know whether you need an attorney’s help, give our office a call today to set up a consultation (336-996-4166).

Our Firm Works on a Broad Range of Litigation Matters

  • Landlord – Tenant Disputes

    While rental arrangements oftentimes start out on the right foot, the landlord-tenant relationship is one which easily sours. Our firm represents both landlords and tenants in coping with the difficulty of a rental/leasing arrangement gone wrong.

    Frequently, landlord-tenant disputes can be resolved without resort to full-blown litigation, by mutual compromise of the parties or by petition for magistrate action in small claims court. Our firm seeks to advise clients in landlord-tenant disputes in a way that is practical and economical.

  • Business Torts and Business Defamation

    When you are involved in business, it is inevitable that you will encounter the legal obstacle that requires a lawyer’s touch, whether your involvement is as an employee or an owner/manager. We work with our clients to reach resolution in matters involving non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-solicitation agreements, business defamation (including slander/libel), and many other business torts.

  • Contract Disputes

    Simply put, contracts rule our world. Whether you are contracting for employment, contracting to purchase some property, or just contracting for simple services, disputes frequently arise during the course of a contractual relationship. Our firm works with clients to evaluate the merits of a contract dispute and bring such disputes to a sought-after conclusion.

  • Estate Administration / Probate Disputes

    Otherwise known as caveat proceedings, disputes sometimes arise following the death of a loved one as to the validity of an estate document or the actions of an executor. Coltrane Grubbs & Orenstein can help you as you seek closure and resolution following the death of a loved one by advising you on the feasibility of a caveat action, in the event that distribution of their assets occurred in a questionable or untoward manner.

  • Other Disputes and Litigation

    In truth, the concept of “civil litigation” covers far more than the concepts contemplated here. We represent a wide range of individuals, corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships in complex litigation matters involving business torts, construction disputes, contract disputes, and general commercial and business disputes.

    We also represent individuals who have been injured or wronged financially or otherwise through the negligence or wrongdoing of others, as well as defendants in such cases. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to remember that there are strict timeframes and deadlines which must be met in prosecuting your case. Likewise, if you find yourself as a defendant in a lawsuit, you have a limited amount of time to respond in order to protect your rights. In either situation, it is essential that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible to protect any rights or defenses available to you.

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