The Most Complex Solution May Not be the Best Solution

Coltrane Grubbs counsels families, individuals, and closely-held business owners in making important decisions regarding the protection and disposition of their wealth through the design and implementation of personal estate plans.

Our firm believes that sometimes the most complex solution for our clients is not the best solution. Every client comes to us with a unique estate planning circumstance, and it is important to us to make sure that we develop an estate plan that fits your needs. Consequently, our estate plans address the special challenges associated with specific assets and account for the special needs of unique beneficiaries.

Have a family business that needs a game plan? We can do it. Have a beneficiary who needs help with the money they are going to receive? We’re on it. Want to develop a plan for your rental property? What about a special needs beneficiary? Young children or a family on the way?

We are focused on developing your estate plan so that it aligns with your needs, in the most cost-effective and least-burdensome way. Our firm has extensive experience in estate administration, and we draw upon that experience in developing a practical and forward-looking plan for our clients.

Coltrane Grubbs has helped make the cost of estate planning more predictable and affordable through the use of flat fees for many of our estate planning services.

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