Reception AreaFor those of you who follow happenings in the Kernersville business/legal community, you may have noticed changes in our firm and our brand during the past year. Excitingly, our name has changed as we have added Joe Orenstein as a named partner, making our firm name Coltrane Grubbs Orenstein. Along with this change, we have debuted a new brand, featuring a new logo, which is featured prominently in our marketing materials and our completely re-vamped website.

For all of the changes and enhancements we have made over the last year, the most important is the adoption of a new tagline: Your Lawyers. Every Step of the Way. For us, this tagline represents more than just a new creative or engaging way of presenting our firm. This tagline represents what we expect Coltrane Grubbs & Orenstein to be for our clients and the Kernersville community.

This motto is an encapsulation of our mission and expectation as a law firm. Our mission is to provide trusted advice that guides our clients through their legal issues while developing lasting professional and personal relationships. This mission is at the core of Coltrane Grubbs & Orenstein—as attorneys and as counselors-at-law, our goal is to build relationships with our clients.

Our Practice Areas

So, does this mean that we handle every legal matter? No. Frankly, the specialization of attorney practices have made it very difficult to cover every single complex area of practice. However, we do seek to cover a wide variety of practice areas more than just competently, but excellently. In so doing, we are able to meet the legal needs of our clients while providing the service that you would expect out of a larger law firm.

By way of example, this is our exhausting, non-exhaustive list of practice areas: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petitions, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petitions, Motion to Claim Exemptions, Debt Negotiations, Creditor Bankruptcy Representations, LLC Formation, Corporation Formation, Organizational Document Drafting, Asset Purchases, Stock Purchases, Miscellaneous Business Drafting, Business Document Review, Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Simple Will Drafting, Trusts – Revocable, Trusts – Irrevocable, Complex Will Drafting, Absolute Divorces, Separation Agreements, Family Law Violence Litigation, Prenuptial Drafting/Review, Equitable Distributions, Child Custody and Support, Post Separation Support and Alimony, Adoptions, Traffic Tickets – Forsyth County, Traffic Tickets – Guilford County, Personal Injury Litigation, Business Litigation, Landlord/Tennant Disputes, Evictions, Demand Letters, Real Estate Litigation, Spouse’s Year Allowances, Probate Small Administrations, Probate Full Administration, Beneficiary Representation, Quitclaim Deeds, Seller Document Preparation, Cash Real Estate Purchases, Financed Real Estate Purchases, Refinance Closings, Title Research and Opinions, Draft/Review Leases, Offers to Purchase, Complex Real Estate Drafting, Homeowners’ Association Representation, Commercial Leases, Commercial Refinances, Commercial Deed of Trust Drafting, Medicaid Planning, Veteran’s Administration Planning, Special Needs Trusts, and Guardianship Proceedings.

Every Step of the Way.

Kernersville and the surrounding area continues to grow in a fashion that looks less like a town and more like a burgeoning city. As our community grows, we believe that relationships become more important. Our intention is that clients believe that they have a lawyer whom they can trust, not just for their first legal need, but for legal needs that they have down the line. From closing on a new home to dealing with a traffic ticket. From enduring the tribulations of a difficult financial situation to receiving advice and assistance in the administration of a parent’s will. From starting a new business to selling a profitable business. We hope that we can help you down the line, every step of the way. Our tagline says it.